English / 17min / 2014 / Short Film
Writer/ Director: Sudipto Sarkar
Production company: Flame Visuals UK
Status: Released in Film Festivals

Synopsis: Synopsis: Short film directed by Sudipto Sarkar, staring Rod Lyons, Rachel Marquez, Janine Pardo. DOP Fabio Gugliemelli , Produced by Sarbari Sikdar.

JAMES BUTLER is a very successful high end product salesman in his mid-30s and leaves his fabulous house and equally attractive wife, to travel down to London to meet his regional boss it is just another ordinary day for James, until he meets sexy JASMINE. Sparks fly, as they get attracted to each other. In James hotel room they flirt, dance and kiss. The romantic night turns violent, when Jasmine uses James tie to strangle him. There is a tussle and James is close to unconsciousness, when he picks up a vase and hits Jasmine over the head and kills her. James is shocked and stunned. Who is Jasmine? Who has sent her to kill James? The Last call James receives reveals it all.

Filming Location: London
Release: International Film Festivals



Prem KI Bujhini