Punjabi / 120min / 2017 / Feature Film
Staring: Diljit Dosanjh, Yograj Singh, Sunanda Sharma
Direction: Pankaj Batra
Production company: Vivid Arts
UK Line Production & Location scouting: Flame Visuals UK

Case Study: This Punjabi war film explored a never told fact on the first world war with an old-fashioned appeal: a heart touching story of those Sikh soldiers who served in the British Indian army.The movie depicts one such war hero Sajjan Singh, who is a soldier in the British Army and served on the western front during the WW1 against Germany. It flits between the usual barrack-room bonding and memories of girlfriends back home before launching into final-reel shows of heroism and sacrifice.

War films are expensive affairs with SFX, army of extras, and creation of barracks, battlefield trenches etc but this film had a very limited budget being a regional Indian film. Flame Visuals scouted all the locations resembling the WW1 western front, vintage steam engines, old market towns still stuck in time and assembled the crew, art department and SFX team to support with 100s of vintage guns, blasts, rain, smoke and blood (fake!). Pre production was hectic with life size trenches being dug on rolling English countryside, old army trucks towed in, horse carts assembled, flags, uniforms, guns and people were assembled. The hard work paid off and dedication of the crew and cast made the outcome look stunning. We shot through cold, rain, mud, smoke and sweat.

Achievements: The film opened with fantastic box office collection worldwide. War was never showcased so stylishly in Punjabi cinema. The response was very positive with the additional Superstar value of lead actor Diljit Dosanjh and the popular soundtrack. FLAME VISUALS have developed a dedicated team of crew and suppliers to support small budget productions. We have teams of stunt, SFX and armourers who specialize in war and action films.

Filming Location: Around London and Kent UK
Release: Worldwide



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