Punjabi / 4.52min / 2017 / Pop Promo
Staring: Diljit Dosanjh, Vanessa Calderon
Direction: Kavar Singh
Production company: Famous Studio
UK Line Production & Location scouting: Flame Visuals UK

Case Study:  Flame Visuals team was proud to be asked to produce the latest music video for Superstar Punjabi Singer, Actor Diljit Dosanjh’s new track ‘El Sueño’, meaning “The Dream” in Spanish. It was one of the biggest and most elaborate music video made for Punjabi music industry.

The video was shot in London with a cast and crew of around 100 people over 2 days. The director briefed us on his concept for the video; that involved using the latest camera, intelligent lights, Steadycam techniques. Art direction, SFX and the locations requirement was to show 1920’s industrial Britain and logistically speaking, the video required a military level of planning, and a fair bit of luck to pull off. We had to contend with getting the pre production done in few days and assemble the crew, salsa dancers, background artists, bare knuckle boxers, vintage cars, guns, horses etc. Obviously these problems become amplified when you’re shooting in only 2 days and need to finish in time. All in all, after hours of endless struggles and near wins, we got the perfect video. The song went on to become a chartbuster and video is talked about for its production value. It was a pleasure to work with the team.

Achievements: El Suneo became No. 1 in World Music iTunes chart – no. 24 in UK mainstream iTunes – the highest a Punjabi song has ever been! Video in Youtube has 34+ Million views and counting. FLAME VISUALS team specializes on such high profile brand videos, TV Commercials, Pop promos, which demands top end quality in short time and have filmed 100+ projects in UK.

Filming Location: Around London and Surrey UK
Release: Worldwide



Sajjan Singh Rangroot

Judwaa 2

Diljit Dosanjh - El Sueno