Flame Visuals is a Film Production Company that is all about content: its creation, its process of development, its worldwide distribution. We started life in 2005 as a TV commercial production house in London and expanded to Feature films and Digital content provider. We have a team supporting some of the best-known Corporate, Feature film producers, Advertising agencies in the world. We offer a seamless service covering strategy, creative, feature/digital development and production. We can provide content, source finance and also work closely with the top accountancy films to provide you the UK film tax rebate. At present we are associated with many feature film projects and web series/content for digital platforms for UK and Indian producers/studios. See more in our FILM section.


Flame Visuals have experienced Directors and scriptwriters for Feature, Commercials and Digital platforms in its roasters. We will create concepts, storyboard, do budgeting and then our production department can manage the filming and post production. Our Directors have experience in creating 100+ hours broadcast quality contents, 150+ TV commercial/promos and have worked in UK, Europe and India for the last 15 years. Our films have box office success, finalist in International film festivals and launched brands across continents. Our Directors thrive to create the highest quality products for the feature film, digital and broadcast industries.


Flame Visuals provide full service production facilities for Feature films, TV commercials, Pop promos, Digital contents. We have one of the most expansive Location database for Bollywood /Indian feature film shoots across UK be it in London, Wales, or Scotland. Our scouting team will find out the right location at the right price, do all the paperwork and manage it during the filming. For your shoot we will provide Crew, Broadcast Camera systems, Lights, Grip, Motion Control rigs like BOLT, MILO, Hotels, Transport, Catering, Facilities, Casting, Costumes, Stunt, SFX and Art/prop support. We have produced numerous Bollywood feature films and International commercials across UK and India so we speak your language.





We have scouted and booked locations for more than 25 feature films, 100+ TV commercials in the last 5 years. We film an average of 150+ days every year across UK from Central London landmarks, Beaches in Cornwall, Castles in Scotland, Town centre in Wales to Moors in Yorkshire. You name it and most likely we have filmed there before. Be it a romantic comedy, City thriller, or War movie we can get you the perfect location but not sure with the English weather if the sun will shine that day.



OUR team becomes YOUR team-We bring in the right experience and perfect skilled crew for your project management. We work regularly with talented camera, lighting and grip professionals, top-notch Makeup crew, Photographers, Casting agencies and Art department teams. Our Production Managers and Assistant Directors run the shoot to the schedule and we pride to never loose a single day of filming in the last 5 years battling bad traffic, snow, rain or last minute schedule changes.



We work with the best of Action Director, Stunt Coordinator, SFX team, Body Doubles, Car/Bike/Horse stunt specialists and Animal handlers. We provide Action vehicles, Weapons, and will do all Risk Assessments, Health & Safety docs, Logistics planning to bring your stunts to perfection. Our SFX team will create smoke/blast/fire/fog/rain/explosions, as your script needs it.



Be it ARRI, RED or Blackmagic we can provide the latest camera systems, Jimmy jib/Cranes, Grip, Tracking cars/Low loaders and broadcast quality lights, power source etc. Do you need motion control rigs like BOLT, MILO? Or looking for the latest Drone and MOVI Rigs?



After a long hard day filming you need a relaxing Hotel, home quality Catering and comfortable Transport to bring you back fresh, the next day. We work with the top hotels across London and UK and Catering companies who specializes in hot North Indian/South Indian/ Chinese and Continental food. The transport team can provide minibus, cars, tech vehicles, camera vans, makeup trailers and honey wagons.




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